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We have a great group of regulars that are very supportive of all of those that come to The Mindz Eye.  Our group events and ceremonies send off incredible energy.  Hope you can join us on one of our field trips or any of our events and classes.  Many of our students are now offering services as well and showcasing their talents at our open houses.

“A place to spread your wings. A safe place to develop your abilities. A place to develop new abilities. A place to meet new people and friends while growing stronger as a person. ”

Barbara B.

“Three years ago I fell in love with The Mindz Eye. From bi-monthly Open House nights to the annual Holiday Party, The Mindz Eye staff makes you feel like family. Past Life Regression with Patti and Psychic Readings with Miss Daisy are awesome! The Mindz Eye offers a great variety of classes with knowledgeable teachers which appeal to all levels of learning. If you want to develop your spiritual practice in a loving and supportive environment, this is the place for you. I highly recommend The Mindz Eye!”

Robin L.

Client Stories
“I started going to The Mindz Eye in 2014 for Hypnosis classes and I have been a regular customer ever since. Patti has helped me expand my practice with her knowledge and expertise. Not only did I become certified in hypnotherapy, I now do past life regressions for my clients. I can also do Mediumship work as well because of Patti's classes. I've learned a lot about being a confident and successful healer through her practice. I highly recommend The Mindz Eye to anyone who wants to learn for fun or to help expand their spiritual practices. She has great classes and a welcoming community to work with!”

Ashley V.

“I just love The Mindz Eye! Patti is so knowledgeable and she's a wonderful teacher! This is a welcoming and warm environment to expand your spiritual knowledge. Everyone is very helpful and supportive. I felt like I belonged from the minute I walked through the door.”


Patti McGarrahan

Owner of The Mindz Eye Psychic Medium Hypnosis Reiki Karuna Psychic Development

Miss Daisy

Psychic Medium & Tarot Master Miss Daisy is a natural born psychic medium who has been immersed in metaphysical studies for over 25 years.


Tarot reader Numerology Readings Reiki

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